Foreign Nationals Filming Near Area 51 Taken Into Custody

Two dutch nationals were taken into custody near Area 51 after deputies discovered footage of classified areas on their cameras. As The New York Post reports:

Two Dutch men were busted this week for trespassing and filming on federal property close to Nevada’s so-called Area 51 — the classified government site engulfed in alien conspiracy theories, authorities said.

Ties Granzier, 20 — who has nearly 740,000 YouTube subscribers — along with Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, 21, were arrested Tuesday when deputies found their car parked near a gate about three miles into Nevada National Security Site property, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said.

Both men told deputies they saw the “No Trespassing” signs at the Mercury Highway entrance to the high-security site, but wanted to look at the facility…

During a search of the cameras, deputies found video footage taken on national security site property, authorities said.

The foreign nationals claimed to be Youtube stars, still their interest in the site may not have been purely innocent. No doubt foreign intelligence agencies may be plotting to take advantage of the chaos surround the upcoming ‘Storm Area 51’ event to potentially get their hands on some of the US government’s most closely guarded secrets.


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