Photos Of Fidel Castro Found In Epstein’s Mansion

Photos of notorious communist Dictator Fidel Castro have been found in video taken inside the Florida mansion of deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. As Fox News reports:

Video from a 2005 police raid at convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion showed an array of photos on display – one of which appeared to show Epstein and Pope John Paul II, with another depicting Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

It was not entirely clear whether the photos were legitimate. However, Colombian ex-President Andrés Pastrana said Epstein traveled to Cuba on Castro’s invitation, the Miami Herald reported, adding that the trip likely took place in 2003.

A trove of famous and high-profile names surrounded Epstein over the years, including President Trump and former President Bill Clinton…

The video taken by police inside Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion also showed the house was partially decorated with explicit photos and imagery of young women, Fox News reported Thursday.

Is it really that surprising that a pedophile like Epstein who paled around with notorious liberal Bill Clinton would also idolize a sick communist dictator like Castro?




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