Report: US Used Cyberattack To Bring Down Iranian Database

The US reportedly used a cyberattack to bring down an Iranian database used to target ships passing through the Persian Gulf. As Fox News reports:

Iran is still feeling the pain after U.S. cyber military forces brought down a database used by its Revolutionary Guard Corps to target ships in the Persian Gulf, hours after the Islamic Republic shot down an American drone, officials say.

The retaliatory cyberattack on June 20 focused on a system that Iran uses to determine which oil tankers and marine traffic it should go after, a senior U.S. official told the New York Times. As of Thursday, Iran has yet to recover all of the data lost in the attack and is trying to restore military communication networks linked to the database, the newspaper added.

President Trump reportedly signed off on the U.S. Cyber Command’s strike though the government has not publicly acknowledged it happened, according to the Washington Post.

“As a matter of policy and for operational security, we do not discuss cyberspace operations, intelligence, or planning,” Elissa Smith, a Pentagon spokeswoman, told the paper in a statement.

Well obviously representing another massive win for the Trump administration in its fight against terror, the question remains is this just the begining of something larger?




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