More Details on FBI Involvement Emerge After Overstock CEO Resigns Amidst ‘Deep State’ Comments

New details are emerging after Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne resigned in the midst of startling comments about Russia, and FBI probe, and the deep state. As The Daily Mail reports:’s former CEO last night claimed the FBI duped him in the ‘biggest scandal in American history’ and asked him to rekindle a relationship with a Russian agent.

Patrick Byrne resigned from the firm yesterday after its shares tanked in the wake of claims about the bureau he first made two weeks ago.

But shortly after standing down, he did a round of TV interviews in which he stood by his allegations that the FBI used him and explained them further.

Now a Department of Justice source has backed his claims because they contain  specific operational details. A former FBI agent has also said some aspects are true.

If Byrne’s comments are true, and this appears to be the case as a former FBI offical already confirmed many aspects of his story, it could mean that the FBI itself helped to create the entire Butina narrative in the first place. Which raises serious questions about the agency’s motivations. This probably won’t be the last revelation we receive in this case, who knows what else we may soon uncover.



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