Trump Challenges Clinton’s Epstein Connection

President Trump publicly called into question Bill Clinton’s connection to Epstein, and his denials that he ever visited his pedophile island. The Daily Mail reports:

Donald Trump cast doubt on Tuesday over former President Bill Clinton’s denial that he ever visited Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘pedophilia island.’

The president repeatedly suggested that his predecessor was lying in a statement saying that he had not been to Little St. James, the island owned by the pervert financier, which was raided by the FBI Monday.

Speaking as he was about to board Air Force One from Morristown, New Jersey, Trump declined to answer whether he ‘really believed’ that the Clintons had arranged for Epstein to be killed, a claim he had retweeted after the 66-year-old’s apparent suicide on Saturday morning.

Instead he highlighted Clinton’s repeated flights on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed the Lolita Express, and suggested that the former president’s response to the revelation he was named in the flight logs was misleading.

 Will Trump launch an investigation into Bill Clinton? The American people deserve to know.


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