Leftist Trans Activist in Serious Trouble with the Law

A trans activist in Canada, who forced beauty technicians to wax his genitals, is now under investigation for multiple legal violations. RedState reports:

Jessica Yaniv is a transgender activist who gained notoriety recently when he demanded British Columbia beauty technician wax his genitals after she said she was uncomfortable waxing male genitalia. Yaniv took his complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and won a financial judgment against the terrified woman.

It might have ended right there, with Yaniv just becoming another story in a long line of bizarre stories about gender recently. However, the attention from the story put Yaniv in the spotlight just long enough to reveal he had some other very serious issues.

Not only has Yaniv been accused of sexually exploiting young girls, he also tried to arrange a “topless swim night” for girls 12-14 years old. Conveniently the night was deemed “parent free”.

However, Yaniv may be in serious trouble after an appearance on trans Youtuber Blair White’s channel. White, a transgender male-to-female personality, is known for taking a more conservative approach to gender and sexuality issues. Last month, White expressed a concern about Yaniv, suggesting he might not be transgender but a predator.

Is the transgender label being co-opted by perverts in order to deflect any criticism from them?


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