Epstein’s Connection to Top Democrats Revealed

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother has a very close relationship to top Democrat politicians such as Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff, through his think tank “The Humpty Dumpty Institute”. The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic representatives Adam Schiff, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Maxine Waters are just three elected officials who sit on the congressional advisory board of a foreign policy think-tank led by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein.

Co-founded by socialite heiress Constance Milstein in 1988, the Humpty Dumpty Institute works closely with the United Nations, the State Department, and “various countries” to “put the pieces back together” in parts of the world ridden with conflict.

Mark Epstein has played a significant role in this mission. According to the organization’s website, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother serves as Humpty Dumpy’s vice chairman, and has represented the group abroad on delegations alongside members of Congress and U.N. dignitaries. As recently as last February, several months before his brother was arrested at Teterboro Airport on federal charges for allegedly sex trafficking minors, Mark traveled with the group to the United Arab Emirates on a trip cosponsored by the nonprofit Peace Without Limits, which, according to Wikileaks, is funded by the Crown Prince of Furjairah in UAE. In 2015, he hosted a private dinner for a Humpty Dumpty conference, which featured a keynote address from former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power. 

While Humpty Dumpty lists over thirty elected officials on their advisory board, only four are Republicans. Many of the representatives, including Schiff and Wasserman Shultz, have been critical of how public officials have handled Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, specifically how President Donald Trump’s former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta negotiated a deal for Epstein while serving as the U.S. attorney for southern Florida. They have not noted their involvement in an organization his brother serves as vice chairman of. A picture from 2015 on Humpty Dumpty’s website shows Mark Epstein, Wasserman Shultz and other representatives smiling together.

Reckoning for those associated with Epstein is getting closer…


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