CNN Antisemite Exposed

A CNN editor has been exposed for writing a series of anti-semitic tweets. The Washington Examiner reports:

The former CNN editor who resigned Thursday after a bevy of anti-Semitic tweets resurfaced has issued an apology on social media Friday.

Mohammed Elshamy, 25, had tweets from years ago that referred to Jewish people as “pigs,” praised the terrorist organization Hamas, used the word “Zionists” as a slur, and appeared to downplay the Holocaust.

Elshamy, a former recipient of the Chirs Hondros Fund Award, resigned late Thursday night after those social media posts garnered attention on Twitter.

“Yesterday, tweets that I made in 2011 resurfaced in which I made offensive and hateful comments. I want to unequivocally express my apology to everyone, especially those in the Jewish community, who were offended by the tweets. I also want to apologize to my family, friends, and mentors who I am ashamed to have let down in this way,” his statement read in part.

The fact that this story has not being covered by the liberal media is proof once again that antisemitism is more and more accepted by the Left.


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