Journalist Regrets Dining With Pedophile Epstein

Mainstream journalist George Stephanopoulos expressed regret for dining with Jeffrey Epstein, who has been arrested for child trafficking. The Daily Caller reports:

ABC host George Stephanopoulos said he regrets dining with Jeffrey Epstein about a year after the accused sex trafficker finished his first stint in jail for pleading guilty to soliciting an underage prostitute.

“That dinner was the first and last time I’ve seen him,” Stephanopoulos said in an email to The New York Times. “I should have done more due diligence. It was a mistake to go.”

Epstein hosted Stephanopoulos and a slew of other media insiders — including news anchors Katie Couric and Charlie Rose, comedian Chelsea Handler and director Woody Allen — at his Manhattan townhome in December 2010 for a chance to meet Prince Andrew, who at the time was fourth in line to the British throne, The Daily Beast reported in 2011.

Epstein concluded a 13-month prison sentence in July 2009 after pleading guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution. He was a registered sex offender in Florida at the time of the dinner event.

The unraveling of Epstein’s web of influence and perversion continues to cause mass fallout. But if so many powerful men are involved, will there be a reckoning?


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