Is This The End for European Hillary?

Angela Merkel, the leader of the globalist faction in Europe, could be retiring from politics soon if rumors about her health are true. The Daily Wire reports:

Questions regarding a politician’s health can lead to their political demise — and now those questions are being raised about German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


In 2016, Hillary Clinton faced questions about her health after she nearly fainted after leaving a 9/11 ceremony. Footage of the incident shows her leaning against a concrete barrier propped up by staff and then struggling to maintain her balance as she’s quickly ushered into a campaign van. Her campaign later said she was “overheated” at the time, but questions about her health lingered, especially since she had previously fallen and received a concussion years earlier.

Now there are concerns regarding Merkel’s health. As CNN reported, Merkel has been seen shaking twice in the past few weeks. Footage from the most recent incident, at a farewell ceremony for Justice Minister Katarina Barley, showed Merkel holding her arms as if to try and control the shaking. At one point someone offered her a glass of water, but she declined.

Merkel’s previous public seizure was blamed on dehydration, but a repeat of the incident, this time indoors, could mean that the chancellor is unwell and on her way out of politics. This would leave a huge political vacuum, with the hardline left and right parties jockeying for leadership.


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