Gun Free Zone Prevented Victim From Defending Herself During VA Beach Shooting

It’s shocking, but not surprising, to hear that a gun free zone at the location of the recent Virginia Beach shooting apparently prevented one of the victims from carrying her concealed carry weapon. Something that very well may have saved her life that day. As The Free Beacon reports:

A lawyer representing the family of one of the Virginia Beach shooting victims said on Monday she wanted to carry a gun at work due to her fear of the attacker but decided against it because of the city’s no-gun policy.

Kate Nixon told her husband shortly before the shooting that she was concerned about the coworker who ended up murdering her and 11 others on May 31, according to family lawyer Kevin Martingayle. The lawyer told WHRO Nixon considered carrying a firearm to her office for protection from the eventual attacker but decided not to because concealed guns were banned on the premises. His comments were first reported by the Virginian-Pilot.

“Kate expressed to her husband concerns about this individual in particular as well as one other person,” Martingayle told host Cathy Lewis. “In fact, they had a discussion the night before about whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag and decided not to, ultimately, because there is a policy, apparently, against having any kind of weapons that are concealed in these buildings.”

“But they were so concerned they had that conversation,” Lewis said.

This tragedy very well may have been avoided if it wasn’t for the extreme liberal anti-gun measures in place.


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