British Intelligence Agency MI5 Accused of Illegally Spying On and Hacking Its Own Citizens, During Bombshell Probe

The highly secretive British intelligence service MI5 has been accused of rampant spying on its own citizens as well as countless acts of extreme illegality in front of a high court in England. As the Telegraph reports:

Liberty said it involved the “mass collection of data of innocent citizens.” Megan Goulding, a lawyer for the civil rights group, said: “MI5 have been holding on to people’s data – ordinary people’s data, your data, my data – illegally for many years.

“Not only that, they’ve been trying to keep their really serious errors secret – secret from the security services watchdog, who’s supposed to know about them, secret from the Home Office, secret from the prime minister and secret from the public.”

Among the large amounts of data which can be collected by MI5 under the Investigatory Powers Act are individuals’ location data, calls, messages and web browsing history.
As well as “bulk data” collection, which can include information about ordinary members of the public, MI5 can use targeted interceptions of communications and computer hacking for investigations such as counter-terrorism.
MI5 has long had shadowy ties for years, very likely with the CIA, FBI and other parts of the Democrat-controlled Deep State in America. British spy chiefs were even informed of the infamous “Steel Dossier” well before the American President was, and who knows what part they may or may not have played in its creation.
It seems rather unlikely that all of these “breaches” and “oversights” were accidental on the agency’s part, as they occurred on a massive scale and went on for years at a time.  More likely is the reality that these alleged crimes were orchestrated for a greater, as of yet, unknown reason by the powers that be.
Lawyers for MI5 have stated that they cannot disclose the exact nature of the breaches due to supposed “national security concerns.” But “national security” is a broad category and could include almost anything.
What is MI5 really afraid of disclosing? Are they trying to protect something or someone? We honestly don’t know yet. But where there is smoke there is usually fire.
In the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eyes on this story.



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