Globalist Germany Holding Britain Hostage

Germany has stated that it will not negotiate with Britain over Brexit, unless the UK bows to Merkel and holds a new referendum or election. Breitbart reports:

Germany has said that it will veto another Brexit delay unless the UK holds a general election or second referendum.

Norbert Röttgen, a former German minister and senior MP in the Bundestag, told The Telegraph that should the UK ask for another extension to Article 50 in October, when the UK is due to leave the EU, the decision of the European Council would depend “on the reason why Britain asked for it”.

“If for example it is asked because Britain has decided to go for another referendum or snap election and they are going to happen then in respect of democratic reasons it would be accepted,” Mr Röttgen said.

“If there were no reason for another extension then I would say even the German position, that we give time, has come to a close because a reason for extension has to be required,” he added.

How terrifying that after two wars to fight German hegemony, Britain will most likely be forced into its orbit without firing a shot.


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