Here’s The Truth About Jewish Settlement in the Holy Land

Historical revisionism has been rampant on the part of Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian-American representative who made controversial remarks about how “welcoming” Arabs were when Jews started settling in the Holy Land. Marina Medvin at Townhall explains:

The history behind the rebirth of Israel is so deeply intertwined with Palestinian propaganda that it is difficult for most Americans to answer a simple question: how did Jews come to possess the land now known as Israel? Palestinian-first Rashida Tlaib has elucidated this propaganda plague through her recently publicized statements of  Jew-hatred, letting us know how calm and cozy she feels when she thinks about the Holocaust extermination of 6 million Jews. Leftists came to her defense, justifying her Jew-hatred as entitlement because her poor Palestinian predecessors allegedly helped the post-Holocaust Jews take their land, but now find themselves victims of these Jews. Rashida plainly lied and regurgitated Palestinian propaganda — she retold revisionist history.

Jews didn’t “take” land.

Jews Purchased The Land Before The Holocaust

In the 1800s, Jewish zionists, which are diaspora Jews who wanted to return to their biblical homeland, started buying land in the region of Palestine, which belonged to the Ottoman Empire (the Turks). The Empire made these land purchases very difficult, discriminatorily restricting Jews’ ability to purchase land in the region as much as they could through legislation. By the 1900s, land purchase became easier and Zionists accelerated their land purchases of the Turk-controlled land.

Jewish settlement in the Holy Land predates the Holocaust, and the land was acquired lawfully from the owners, whether under Ottoman or British rule. To imply that Palestinian Arabs greeted Jews with open arms, instead of attempting to push Jews into the sea in the 1948 war, is a gross historical distortion.


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