Drag Kid Demonstrates How to Snort Ketamine

The parenting of a pre-teen Drag Queen known as “Desmond is Amazing” has been immersed in controversy since Desmond became a social media star two years ago.

While liberals have promoted the parenting style as empowering, deeply troubling signs have emerged – besides the obvious fact, Desmond allegedly decided to pursue this lifestyle when he was two. (RedState)

Now “Desmond is Amazing” is back in the news after a video has emerged of him hanging out with another middle-aged drag queen and mimicking snorting Ketamine, which is a horse tranquilizer used in clubs as a psychedelic.

Children have been taken away from parents for far, far less than this. That’s not to say all those cases are legitimate and that the government doesn’t overstep at times, but in this case you’ve got an 11 year old who’s clearly being emotionally and mentally abused. He’s also being exposed to dangerous lifestyles, hanging out with mentally ill men who like to dress like women, do illicit drugs, and take naked pictures with minors. There’s nothing normal, safe, or healthy about this.


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