Facebook Hires Hillary Flack to Purge Conservatives

Facebook’s new Policy Communications Manager, Sarah Pollack, has a long history with the Clintons and Obamas.

After making a name for herself in politics, she’s explaining the rationale behind Facebook’s latest conservative purge.

However, today Pollack finds herself on the defensive, backtracking for the social media giant after it banned evangelist Franklin Graham for a three-year-old post. (The Charlotte Observer)

It was a mistake to ban Graham over a 2016 post he made on the site, and a mistake to have taken down the post, the spokesperson said.

Facebook has restored the 2016 post and will apologize in a note to the administrator of Graham’s Facebook page, according to the Facebook spokesperson, who agreed to speak only on background, meaning without the spokesperson’s name.

A member of Facebook’s content review team — the team has 15,000 members — had mistakenly decided the post violated Facebook’s policy that bans “dehumanizing language” and excluding people based on sexual orientation, race and other factors, according to the spokesperson and Facebook’s written policy.

“Why?” Graham asked in a Facebook post on Friday after he said he was banned from posting anything on the site for 24 hours last week. “Because of a post from back in 2016 about North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (the bathroom bill). Facebook said the post went against their ‘community standards on hate speech.’ Facebook is trying to define truth.”


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