Sri Lanka Takes Huge Step in Fighting Terrorism

Sri Lanka is taking extraordinary measures to combat Islamic terrorism following the bombings of major Christian churches during Easter. The Daily Caller reports:

Sri Lanka imposed an emergency law banning face coverings in the wake of the Easter Sunday suicide bombings.

President Maithripala Sirisena announced Monday that he would use an emergency law to ban head coverings or any covering that “hinders identification,” according to BBC News.

The move comes after reports suggested some individuals involved in the Easter bombings may have been women wearing head coverings. Women wearing burqas were spotted fleeing the Easter bombing sites, government officials told the Daily Mirror. Officials suspect many of these women were involved in the attacks on Christians that killed about 250 people and sent 450 others to the hospital.

Sri Lankan MP Ashu Marasinghe proposed a bill banning burqas on his Facebook page on April 23, saying that the head coverings pose national security risks because of their ability to hide terrorists.

Sri Lanka is a ripe target for sectarian conflicts – Buddhist and Hindus have been fighting for decades, and now Christian and Muslims appear to join in.


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