Will This Crooked Dem Resign?

Democrat Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is under investigation by the FBI for corruption, and could be resigning any moment. However, here’s her excuse for delaying. The Daily Caller reports:

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is not “lucid” enough to make the decision to resign due to poor health, according to her attorney Thursday.

Pugh’s attorney Steve Silverman said she could likely make the decision in the coming week, but she was disappointed at the thought of stepping away from her position, The Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

“She just needs to be physically and mentally sound and lucid enough to make appropriate decisions,” Silverman said, according to The Associated Press.


Silverman added that Pugh met with a doctor at home Thursday and plans to have another appointment Friday.

One party cities like Baltimore will always slide towards corruption because voters do not hold their elected officials accountable. It’s time for a change.


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