Conservatives Are Trying to Stop AOC

A conservative group, Stop the AOC PAC, is ramping up a campaign to unseat Leftist representative Ocasio-Cortez. NY Post reports:

A conservative group with the single aim of unseating Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent $32,000 on Monday to convince New York City voters that she doesn’t represent their interests.

The Stop AOC PAC, started in March by Virginia lawyer Dan Backer, plans to file its expenditure report Wednesday.

A draft obtained by The Post shows two $5,000 payments to Becki Donatelli, a Virginia-based digital fundraising strategist who consulted on John McCain’s two presidential runs.

That money will go to digital ads, Backer told The Post.

Ocasio-Cortez, though not a major threat by herself, is emerging as a leader among the left-wing of the Democratic party and has promised to primary more centrist Democrats in an effort to push the country leftward. If Stop the AOC PAC is successful in unseating her, it would be a major blow to the progressive cause and stop the cancerous spread of her insane platform to the rest of the country.


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