Cartels’ Escalating Firepower on the Border

Only a few days after Mexican soldiers detained American soldiers on American soil, Mexican cartel members are now caught on camera smuggling illegals while armed with modern assault rifles. Fox News reports:

New government video obtained by Fox News shows heavily armed men at the U.S.-Mexico border escorting a migrant mother and son into the United States. Border Patrol officials told Fox News this is an unusual event and express concern that it will become a more regular occurrence – possibly leading to violence.

U.S. Border Patrol surveillance cameras caught the armed smugglers escort the migrant family at 10 p.m. Saturday near the town of Lukeville in the southwest corner of Arizona.

The video shows four to five men in full tactical gear and masks — carrying long guns and AK-47 assault rifles – escort a Guatemalan woman and her 8-year-old child under a vehicle barrier. The armed escorts turned back across the border. The woman and child turned themselves into border agents, who responded to the incursion.

The area is almost identical to where last week agents apprehended 399 Guatemalan immigrants who arrived in several buses just a 100 yards from the border. The area contains no pedestrian fence and is adjacent to the busy Highway 2 in Sonora, Mexico.

The cartel’s armament and training is superior to Islamic terrorists in many cases, and are now operating on American soil with impunity. Will President Trump declare a true national emergency, calling out the armed forces to repel an armed invasion on sovereign American territory?


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