Deep State Arrests Veteran For Attacking North Korea

A former marine was arrested after conducting a raid on North Korea’s embassy in Spain. The Hill reports:

U.S. authorities arrested a former Marine after a February raid on the North Korean embassy in Spain, The Washington Post reported Friday, citing two people familiar with the matter.

Christopher Ahn, a former Marine and member of a group known as Free Joseon that aims to overthrow North Korean leadership, was arrested Thursday. He appeared in federal court Friday and a judge agreed to seal his case, the Post reported.

Federal authorities also raided Free Joseon leader Adrian Hong’s apartment, sources told The Post.

The arrest came after a raid in which masked individuals tied up staffers, took computers and escaped to the U.S., sources told the newspaper. Free Joseon reportedly claimed responsibility for the raid in March after a Spanish judge accused Hong and two others of engaging in the embassy raid.

Although the attack cannot be condoned, it is shocking that the US government responded to a request for arrest of a US citizen, a veteran no less, from the despotic regime of North Korea. Hopefully, Ahn will not be extradited to the brutal dictatorship that would punish him severely.


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