How Facebook is Enabling Child Slavery

Facebook is often accused of not policing its platform closely enough, but this breach of trust has now reached new heights. Child slaves are now being auctioned in Africa through Facebook, essentially enabling the modern slave trade. Fox News reports:

African child brides are reportedly being advertised on Facebook, with parents selling their kids via connections made on the social media giant in order to pay off debts — in some cases bartering their child’s freedom with men old enough to be their grandfather.

Girls as young 10 years old from the Becheve community in Nigeria have been sold on social media for money or exchanged for goods, according to the Daily Beast.

The girls, known in the community as “money women” or “money wives,” are typically sold to older men, and the prevalence worldwide of Facebook has helped connect buyers and sellers.

The practice of child brides pre-dates social media, of course, with parents in certain cultures taking their young daughters to richer men able to financially look after the girls.

Facebook should focus on true crimes against civilization, like slavery, terrorism and graphic violence, not political speech that the progressives disagree with.


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