Freedom Now Shipping to California

The federal court ruling that California could not restrict magazine sizes. Now, gun companies are shipping full sized magazine to California to celebrate freedom. The Free Beacon reports:

Magpul Industries, a leading firearms accessory company, announced on Wednesday it is now shipping all of its ammunition magazines to customers in California.

“Palm Trees, The PCH and now PMAGs,” the company said on Instagram. “We’re shipping all our magazines to California and have a limited edition shirt to celebrate the occasion.”

The announcement comes after Judge Roger T. Benitez of the District Court for the Southern District of California ruled on Friday that California’s ban on the sale or possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition was unconstitutional. Magpul, which makes one of the most popular 30-round AR-15 magazines in the world, took the opportunity to begin selling its products in the state, which had previously been outlawed. They announced sales of the magazines to Californians had begun on Tuesday.

“Magpul is now accepting direct orders for all magazines to California addresses,” the company said in a post on Tuesday. “Due to the momentous Mar. 29 decision in the NRA and CRPA-backed Duncan V. Becerra lawsuit, declaring California’s ban on ‘large capacity magazines’ unconstitutional, a little piece of freedom has been restored to California gun owners. You can also show that you’re on the side of taking back more of what is rightfully yours with a Magpul Free the Republic T-Shirt.”

This is huge news for Second Amendment supporters, and will provide law abiding gun owners with the tools to defend themselves.


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