Gun Grabbing Autocrat Could Jump in the Race

Michael Bloomberg, the infamous New York City mayor whose anti freedom agenda mainly focuses on gun control, but also on soda taxes, is considering running for President if Joe Biden drops out. The Daily Caller reports:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could jump back into the presidential race if former VP Joe Biden’s past derails his run at the White House, sources told Axios in a Tuesday report.

Bloomberg, 77, might consider leaping back in the horse race if a “centrist lane were to open,” according to Axios. In other words, if Biden’s past experiences with women hampers the former vice president’s bid, then a road to the White House might open for the New York billionaire, according to people who have spoken with Bloomberg.

“He’s a data guy,” one source told Axios. “He couldn’t get the math to work,” the person said, referring to Bloomberg’s concerns that Biden’s moderate leanings might deprive the business man a legitimate road to victory.

Bloomberg previously considered running for president in 2016 as an Independent but ultimately decided to endorse and campaign for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He is committed to spending $500 million this election year to defeat President Donald Trump, despite passing on a presidential run.

It remains to be seen if Bloomberg’s zeal would be a greater threat to liberty than Biden’s political acumen. Democrats might not be in a mood to nominate a white male, but Bloomberg’s vast financial resources could be a thorn in the side of other Democrats and President Trump.


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