Is This The End of Hillary’s Emails?

Judicial watch has finally received the last Clinton emails that the FBI had recovered from her personal server. The Washington Examiner reports:

A conservative watchdog group received the final tranche of emails recovered by the FBI from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that were transmitted on her unauthorized, private email system.

On Thursday, Judicial Watch released the final 756 pages of emails that it will get from the yearslong case.

Thursday’s release reveals classified correspondence between Clinton and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2011 regarding Palestinian issues. Additionally, the emails show a classified conversation between the former secretary of state and longtime Clinton family confidant Lanny Davis, who is now representing President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen. In that conversation, Davis offered to serve as a private line of communication between Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The new batch of emails also shows that Clinton’s secretary Lauren Jiloty sent Clinton’s daily itinerary to her unsecure email account five separate times.

Hillary continues to deny that she did anything wrong, and these periodic FOIA requests should remind everyone that Clinton thinks she is above the law.


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