Yellow Vest Riots Escalate Government Reaction

The French “Yellow Vest” riots, anti-government protesters from various political parties seeking the end of Macron’s term, are still going strong and have forced the Macron government to deploy the military to secure public buildings. Bloomberg reports:

The French government has decided to use anti-terrorism military forces to help secure public buildings during the next episode of grassroots Yellow Vest protests this Saturday.

The troops from Operation Sentinelle, who patrol cities across France as a deterrent to terrorism, won’t be sent into action against protesters and rioters, the government’s spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, said Wednesday after the weekly cabinet meeting.

“After seeing the new forms of violence Saturday, emergency measures will be taken to reinforce the reaction of the security forces,” Griveaux said, including “the reinforced mobilization of Sentinelle to protect official building and other fixed positions in the capital.”

President Emmanuel Macron and his government are scrambling to pull together a response after violence flared up again during demonstrations last weekend, with images of the battered Champs-Elysees beamed around the world.

This could be a preview of mass civil unrest in America if our own internal divisions are not healed soon.


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