What This Migrant Did to Children Is Shocking

An African migrant in Italy was arrested after trying to burn school children. Breitbart reports:

A 47-year-old man from Senegal was arrested in Italy after setting a bus of school children on fire, claiming he was seeking revenge for migrants who have died at sea.

A total of 51 children were aboard the bus when the Senegalese migrant, who was previously driving the vehicle, started spraying liquid on the seats of the bus and then set them on fire, Il Giornale reports.

The Italian interior minister revealed the driver, an Italian citizen of Senegalese origin had previously been in contact with police over drunk driving and sexual assault. Italian investigators are considering whether there was a terrorist motive.

One of the children aboard the bus was able to phone the Italian police while the man was spraying liquid and officers quickly reacted, forcing the bus off the road by ramming it with their vehicles.

This is another case of radical violence brought on by the uncontrolled migration to the West..


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