This New British Trend Could Be Dangerous To Liberty

The United Kingdom will soon start rolling out ID checks for citizens to access pornography. Breitbart reports:

A lawyer claimed the United Kingdom could soon force users to provide valid ID if they want to access social media sites, as the U.K. implements mandatory ID checks on porn users starting in April.

From April 1, Internet users in the U.K. will be required to submit a valid form of ID, such as a driving license or passport, in order to access pornographic websites.

“When someone first clicks on a site, they’ll be asked to register with AgeID and verify their age using a Mobile SMS, credit card, passport, or driving licence,” reported the Sun. “Users will then be able to use their AgeID username or password to access all porn sites that use AgeID – though some may use different age verification systems.”

“As well as registering with AgeID, Brits will also be able to access porn sites using a voucher you can buy from high street shops,” the Sun explained, adding that each voucher “will cost £4.99 for use on a single device, or £8.99 for use across multiple devices.”

Although blocking pornography is not objectionable in and of itself, this method could easily be replicated for any materials that the government would want censored, including conservative content.


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