Are Banks Colluding With The Left?

Paypal and other “big tech” and financial companies are partnering with leftist groups to cut off service with those who disagree with them. The Daily Caller reports:

Add a new company to the list of “big tech” entities that have promised to cut off conservatives: PayPal. Do you advocate for border security, call attention to anti-American groups and people, ask pointed questions of powerful politicians, or point out social media giant hypocrisy? No banking for you!

In a Monday interview with the Wall Street Journal, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman claimed that his company, which last year processed $578 billion in transactions, has partially outsourced the task of deciding which accounts to ban to the Southern Poverty Law Center. “There are those both on the right and left that help us. Southern Poverty Law Center has brought things. We don’t always agree,” Schulman said. (He didn’t name any similar groups on the right.)

Just last year, SPLC was forced to pay $3.375 million in damages and abjectly apologize for falsely claiming a man was an anti-Muslim extremist. By incorporating the hard bias of SPLC into its business model, Paypal cuts off a major avenue for financing nonprofit groups and writers on the right.

PayPal is not alone in gagging free speech through its political redlining. The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s donation processing services were discontinued by both Visa and Mastercard at the behest of the SPLC (though they later restored services after this action was exposed). Rebel Media’s Martina Markota was also recently banned by Chase, without explanation, as was the account of Joe Briggs, an Iraq War vet and Trump supporter. (Chase offered to reinstate Briggs’ account after other veterans threatened to pull their business.)

Under the guise of being a “tech” company, Paypal circumvents many regulations and is now violating the rights of Americans that the Left couldn’t do through the government. Dangerous times on the horizon…


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