Democrats Continue Trying To Coverrup Sexual Assault

Virginia Democrats are dragging their feet at investigating Lieutenant Governor Fairfax over his alleged sexual assaults. The Free Beacon reports:

Republican leadership in the Virginia legislature says efforts to form a bipartisan committee to investigate rape claims made against Democratic lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax have been stalled by Democrats.

House speaker Kirk Cox told the Washington Post on Thursday that he has asked his Democratic colleagues to join him on a 10-person investigative committee, with five members from each party, arguing that accusers Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson “deserve a voice.”

“We need to work on a process to do that,” Cox says he told the Democrats. “And I would like for you to come alongside us.”

Fairfax was first accused of rape by Tyson, who said he forced her to perform oral sex on him while they were both staff members at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Fairfax was then accused of rape by Watson, who recounted a similar experience when they were both students at Duke University.

Virginian politics continue to be in disgrace, and it is incumbent on the Republican majority to restore some decency to the reputation of the state.


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