Pelosi Deletes Support for Hate Crime Hoax Actor

Nancy Pelosi deleted her tweet supporting the now discredited hate crime against Jussie Smollett. The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deleted her original tweet sympathetic for “Empire” actor and singer Jussie Smollett amid reports that Smollett may have staged the alleged January 29 attack against himself.

Smollett claimed to law enforcement he went to a local Chicago Subway eatery at 2 a.m., and he was physically assaulted by two men in ski masks who poured a bleach-like substance on him and tied a rope around his neck like a noose.

Smollett, who is gay and black, also told police his attackers yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him as well as told him, “This is MAGA country.”

Politicians and celebrities alike rallied around Smollett, including Pelosi, who tweeted on January 29, “The racist, homophobic attack on [Smollett] is an affront to our humanity. No one should be attacked for who they are or whom they love.”

Politicians love to jump on outrage before all the facts are known in order to cater to the mob. When hoaxes are exposed, no one is punished for spreading them.


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