Are These Two States About To Go To Court?

The Boston DA has mentioned potential criminal charges brought against Justin Fairfax for his alleged sexual assault crimes. The Daily Wire reports:

While most Democrats have moved on from the problems surrounding Democrat leadership in Virginia, a potential investigation into Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax could force the issue back onto their radar.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins told The Boston Globe that she sent an email to attorneys for Vanessa Tyson, the woman who claimed Fairfax sexually assaulted her at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004.

“We will help in any way we can if she chooses to come forward,” Rollins told the Globe. “We would offer any number of services starting from getting them in touch with counselors all the way, if they were so inclined, to seek prosecution.”

Rollins did not tell the Globe whether Tyson’s attorneys responded and did not provide a copy of the email due to privacy concerns.

Tyson first came forward with her allegation shortly before Fairfax was inaugurated. She told her story to The Washington Post, which investigated her claims and decided not to publish. After Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, was discovered to have worn blackface or a KKK robe while in medical school, and it appeared as though Fairfax may have to take over the governorship, Tyson wrote about her experience on Facebook.

This could greatly inflame the current political situation in Virginia, and risk a spat between Virginia and Massachusetts.


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