Senate GOP Runs Out of Patience With Cohen

The Senate Intelligence Committee is running out of patience fast with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer who was supposed to give his testimony. The Washington Examiner reports:

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr is livid with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen after his appearance before the panel Tuesday was postponed.

Addressing a group of reporters, Burr R-N.C., said, “I can assure you that any goodwill that might have existed in the committee with Michael Cohen is now gone.”

On Monday, Lanny Davis, an adviser to Cohen, said the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed to postpone the appearance “due to post-surgery medical needs.”

That marked the latest instance in which Cohen’s testimony before Congress has been delayed and time is running out before he reports to prison March 6 for his three-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to a handful of crimes, including illegal campaign contributions, lying to Congress, and bank fraud.

This further proves that Michael Cohen was a sleazy lawyer, but is just delaying his testimony because he had no involvement in any Russian collusion.


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