UN Insults Israel During Event Commemorating Holocaust Victims

At a UN dinner honoring the victims of the Holocaust, Israeli wine was defaced to prevent “controversy”. The Free Beacon reports:

The United Nations is again facing accusations of anti-Israel bias for erasing from display the location of an Israeli-made bottle of wine during a recent Holocaust remembrance event, according to pictures provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

During a U.N. Holocaust memorial event sponsored by Austria and Norway earlier this week, an Israeli-made wine was served. However, “Golan Heights Winery,” where the wine was produced, appears to have been blacked out on the label so it can no longer be viewed, according to pictures.

The apparent whitewashing of the wine’s origins was first caught by Anne Bayefsky, director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and president of Human Rights Voices, whose members attended the event and posted photos on Twitter.

Bayefsky, who has long tracked and called out anti-Israel bias at the U.N., said the blacking out of the wine’s label represents another instance of U.N.-driven discrimination against the Jewish state—especially hypocritical on UN Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The fact that the UN would go so far as insult Israel on the very day of Holocaust Remembrance really goes to show what the organization truly represents.


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