Dem Governor’s Shocking Yearbook

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is embroiled in a new controversy just off the tail of his remarks supporting infanticide, which he disputes. The Daily Caller reports:

An image in the Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook features a man dressed in blackface and one in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood.

The image shows Northam’s senior yearbook page with images of the future Democratic governor in a suit, by a car, in a cowboy hat and another with two men — one in blackface and another in a white KKK outfit. It is unclear who is wearing the offensive, racist costumes.

The Virginian-Pilot obtained a copy of the yearbook from Eastern Virginia Medical School library. A spokesperson for Eastern Virginia Medical School library confirmed that the photo is indeed real but distanced his institution from the racist image. The spokesperson stressed that the yearbook is a student activity and that EVMS seeks to create an “inclusive environment.” When pressed for more information the spokesperson told The Daily Caller that they could not comment further.

Whether this is an off color joke or a truly racist attitude, this kind of behavior is hard to justify, especially after Democrats’ witch hunt against Kavanaugh. Whether he is led to resign remains to be seen.


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