What Would It Cost Trump To Not Build the Wall?

President Trump could risk big among his base if he could not build the wall. Breitbart reports:

A poll of 2,700 Trump voters shows that President Donald Trump will lose 43 percent of his base of support if a border wall is not built.

What’s more, the poll shows that only 43 percent of Trump voters consider the conclusion of the government shutdown a victory for Trump, even as 60 percent approved of ending the partial shutdown.

The poll, conducted by Ear to the Ground, found that most “Trump voters still support the President for the time-being, even if they view the outcome of the Shutdown Showdown as his loss.”

According to the poll, Trump’s base is sticking with him, but without a border wall, his support would collapse almost in half.

This poll clearly shows that Trump’s base cares deeply about the wall, and that if he was to stand any chance at winning in 2020, he will have to find a way to build it.


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