Leftisit Teacher Punished for Savage Words

A teacher who called the innocent Covington students “Hitler Youth” was fired from her position. The Free Beacon reports:

A school teacher and union leader in Colorado has been put on leave for calling a Covington Catholic student a member of the Hitler Youth, and a resident who criticized the teacher was escorted from a school board meeting following a heated assembly.

Shortly after the Covington Catholic episode on the National Mall went viral, Douglas County teacher Michelle Grissom tweeted about one of the Covington students.

“His name is [redacted]. His twitter account is closed to non followers so we won’t interfere with his training in the #HitlerYouth,” Michelle Grissom’s tweet read.

While the student does attend Covington Catholic, he was not in attendance with the group that day, according to his father, who tweeted that information back to Grissom.

Expecting a person saying such vile things about children to be able to teach them is ridiculous.


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