Schumer’s Strange Connection to Notorious Fraudster

One of Schumer’s top staffers has some strange connections with convicted fraudster Billy McFarland. NY Post reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s press secretary admitted that he was pals with the convicted fraudster behind the Fyre Festival — but insisted he had no involvement with planning the shady event, which is the focus of a new Netflix documentary.

“We were friends,” Angelo Roefaro told The Post about festival co-founder Billy McFarland, who is serving time on fraud charges connected to the festival. “I met him at a networking event and we got along.”

In the documentary “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,” Roefaro is seen hanging out in McFarland’s penthouse suite in The Tuscany Hotel.

“That night, as a result of a TV show or movie being filmed in his apartment, he had a very nice complimentary penthouse hotel room near my own apartment and invited me over to check it out,” Roefaro said about McFarland.

Is anyone surprised that Schumer’s own people would rub elbows with convicted felons?


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