California DNC Official Gets #MeToo’d

The former head of the DNC in California has been sued by former staffer, accusing him of creating a culture of sexual harassment. The Free Beacon reports:

Three current and former staffers for the California Democratic Party filed a lawsuit this week against the party and its former chairman, Eric Bauman, accusing top  officials of knowing about his sexual misconduct and tolerating a culture of harassment and discrimination.

The complaint, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, describes a hostile work environment in which drinking during the day was tolerated along with sexual and other inappropriate comments. The suit also charges some party leaders with retaliating against those who reported the allegations of harassment, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday afternoon.

Bauman, though his attorney, declined to comment, saying he has not been served with “any lawsuit and has no further comment at this time.”

The legal action comes during a tumultuous time for the California Democratic Party. Despite Democrats sailing to victory in several key elections in the state in November, Bauman was forced to resign following multiple reports of sexual misconduct, drinking, and inappropriate behavior toward party staff members and activists.

The DNC’s problems are only starting, with radical 2020 candidates creating further divisions between the different groups of the coalition.


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