Left Wing Activist Under Fire For Suing Minorities

Shaun King, a left wing activist known for spreading false allegations of hate crimes, is now turning his attention to suing black women activists who are questioning his financial integrity regarding several of his fundraisers. The Daily Wire reports:

The Black Lives Matter leader and former New York Daily News columnist has been hit with mounting criticism from the Left for allegedly “exploiting black bodies” and trying to silence black critics with threats of legal action.

The initial onslaught against King began after the activist posted a tweet Wednesday threatening Clarissa Brooks, a self-described “black queer” writer, with legal action over a deleted tweet wherein she questioned King about funds King allegedly raised for Cyntoia Brown, a Tennessee woman recently granted clemency after serving 15 years in prison for a murder she committed as a juvenile.

“Are folks going to hold Shaun King accountable to money he ‘raised’ for Cyntoia? Or is that going to disappear as well…” wrote Brooks in a tweet posted January 7. She later deleted the tweet.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: I have secured a four person legal team,” posted King to his 1 million-plus Twitter following, tagging four lawyers. “Talk s***. Crack jokes. Critique me. But when you post fabricated claims like this, you are in clear violation of the law. And we are fighting back.”

The aggressive legal actions, commonly used to threaten poorer victims who are unable to afford court costs, is the very kind of abuse of power that these activists criticize. It remains to be seen if this will be the straw that breaks the back of King’s credibility in the Left Wing activism world.