Huge Fake News Goes To Print

Fake News has reached a whole new level, with Leftist activists actually printing fake copies of the Washington Post with stories of an alleged “Trump Impeachment”. The Free Beacon reports:

Liberal activists handed out fake copies of theWashington Post Wednesday and even set up a website mimicking the paper.

Politico reporter Ian Kulgren posted an image on Twitter of a fake copy of the Post he received at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, reporting that the woman who handed it to him said she was paid for her effort.

The fake paper dated to May 1, 2019 has the blaring headline “UNPRESIDENTED” and purports that President Donald Trump “appears to have abandoned the White House and abdicated his role as president,” to worldwide celebration.

The activists in question also created a fake Washington Post website that is nearly indistinguishable from the actual website except for the fake headlines and a different slogan, “Democracy Awakens in Action.”

Still unable to come to grips with the 2016 election, the unhinged Left is now living in its own alternate universe.


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