Major Chinese Company’s Dirty Secrets

One of China’s largest telecommunications companies, Huawei, is involved in more and more espionage activities against America and her allies. The Free Beacon reports:

Huawei Technologies, the global telecommunications giant at the center of an international diplomatic battle, is a major target in the Trump administration’s campaign to halt China’s theft of American technology.

U.S. intelligence agencies have linked the company to both the Chinese military and civilian intelligence services and the Justice Department is now seeking to prosecute the company’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, for violating American sanctions law.

Meng, also known as Cathy Meng and Sabrina Meng, is wanted by the FBI for her role in a scheme to illicitly move hundreds of millions of dollars for Iran through a Huawei front company in what prosecutors say was a bid to circumvent U.S. financial sanctions on Iran.

Publicly, the Trump administration denies the arrest of Meng on Dec. 1 in Vancouver is linked to the ongoing international trade talks aimed at curbing Chinese unfair trade and technology theft practices.

America’s leaders need to see that China is America’s number one threat going into the century. America will need to fight Chinese Communist influence on all fronts, including economic competition.


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