Here’s What Nancy Pelosi Did To Fellow Democrat

Democratic lawmakers who voted against Pelosi’s speakership are now suffering the consequences. Fox News reports:

Nancy Pelosi apparently doesn’t forgive fellow Democrats who cross her.

On Tuesday the House speaker from California blocked a bid by Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York to land a seat on the influential House Judiciary Committee — in what seemed like payback for Rice opposing Pelosi’s effort to regain the speakership after Democrats retook control of the House.

Pelosi managed to keep Rice, a third-term Democrat from the Long Island suburbs of New York City, off the list of her preferred members for the committee after convincing other Democrats to join the panel, Politico reported.

The move came despite the New York delegation’s efforts to get Rice on the high-profile committee, which oversees, among other things, appointments to the federal courts and law enforcement agencies — as well as impeachment.

This was a predictable reaction, but disgruntled centrist Democrats might now be swayed by Republicans to vote against the most socialist proposals of Pelosi and her gang.