This Razor Company Combats “Toxic Masculinity”

Gillette, the #1 razor company in the nation, released a Social Justice ad decrying “toxic masculinity”. Fox News reports:

Gillette’s new commercial might not be as cutting-edge as the company had hoped.

It’s only been a day since Gillette debuted its “We Believe” campaign aimed at combating “toxic masculinity,” and while the ad has earned plenty of praise – and even more publicity – for the brand, critics of the ad are already upset with Gillette for what some feel is an “insulting” message that assumes misogyny is rampant among their customer base.

Others took issue with the company for using a social movement to sell razors, and suggesting that Gillette, which also markets the Venus line aimed at female customers, is being hypocritical.

The ad, which debuted Monday, begins with “a compilation of actions commonly associated with ‘toxic masculinity,'” per a press release — actions including online bullying, men laughing at misogynistic television shows, or a boss mansplaining his female colleague’s idea, among others.

This caricature of men has been taken as a huge insult by many on the online community, with over four times as much negative reactions to the video itself. It remains to be seen if Gillette will see sales drop.


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