Is the Wall Fundraising Honest About What It Is?

A GoFundMe initially designed to fund the wall is now under strict scrutiny. The Daily Caller reports:

Remember the GoFundMe Wall that reached several million dollars? It’s looking less and less transparent. The Daily Caller reports:

The founder of the viral $20 million border wall GoFundMe campaign is refusing to answer basic questions about his new nonprofit organization that will use donor funds to construct a piecemeal wall mile-by-mile along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Triple-amputee Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage is asking donors to transfer their donationsto We Build The Wall, Inc. following his announcement Friday that the federal government will not accept any funds from his viral fundraising campaign, despite his initial claim otherwise.

GoFundMe said Friday that donors will need to opt into transferring their donations to Kolfage’s new Florida-based nonprofit by April 10, when all remaining contributions will be automatically refunded.

Kolfage claims the bylaws of We Build The Wall, Inc. prevent him from taking any salary from donor funds that originate from GoFundMe. But Kolfage has refused to provide The Daily Caller News Foundation a copy of the nonprofit’s bylaws to corroborate his claim.

Many had already warned donors that this money would not end up in the Federal coffers, and the backdoor machinations seem to prove that.


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