Are The “Bad Old Days” Back in DC?

Murders in the District of Columbia are reaching new heights, with already an average of one homicide a day. The Free Beacon reports:

As other cities saw a decline in previously surging murders, the nation’s capital experienced a 36 percent increase in the rate of homicides in 2018.

Data from the Washington, D.C., metropolitan police revealed 160 murders happened in the city in 2018, a substantial increase from the 116 the preceding year. This increase came even as the city enjoyed a 7 percent overall drop in violent crime, including reductions in sex crimes, assault, and robbery.

The first days of 2019 show little sign of abatement. Five additional people were murdered over the first weekend of the year, WTOP reported, including a man and a woman killed in a house fire that police are investigating as a homicide.

This increase in homicides departs significantly from the trend in America’s other major cities, including those known for their high homicide rates. The Brennan Center for Justice projected a 2.9 percent overall decline in the homicide rate in the nation’s 30 largest cities, predicting a drop of as much as 25 percent in San Diego.

DC has significantly improved since the 1980s and 1990s when drugs and violence were at an all time high. This slip in numbers will no doubt be a wake up call for the notoriously one party government of the city.


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