Will Pelosi Keep Her Wall Promise?

Nancy Pelosi relented when questioned by the Press, saying that she would vote for giving a single dollar to the funding of the wall. The Daily Wire reports:

A triple amputee war veteran who created a GoFundMe page to collect funds to build a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border tried to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put her money where her mouth was.

The California Democrat last week mockingly said she’d give a single dollar for the barrier that President Trump has been pushing since his campaign in 2016. In a press conference, Pelosi was asked by a reporter if there was “any situation in which you would accept even a dollar of wall funding?”

“A dollar?” she said, looking confused as reporters laughed. “A dollar? One dollar?” she said, holding up her index finger and mugging for the camera. “Yeah, one dollar.”

So Brian Kolfage, a triple-amputee veteran and founder of the “We The People Will Fund The Wall” campaign, decided to try to go collect the buck.

Will Pelosi donate to the Go Fund Me?


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