Will This Progressive Walk The Walk?

New York progressive house member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Congress for not suffering pay cuts like the rest of the government. But will she actually support this now that she’s in power? The Daily Caller reports:

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  said lawmakers should refuse to get paid during the partial government shutdown but she won’t say if that rule applies to her.

As the New York Post reports, when asked Thursday about receiving her congressional salary, the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist apparently had other things on her mind, running down a Capitol Hill hallway and telling the reporter, “I’ve gotta run!”

It was on social media in December that Ocasio-Cortez castigated members of Congress for accepting a salary when some members of the public have to do without.


As with most other idealists in Congress, reality hit her like a train. Will she finally answer whether she’ll take her salary during the shutdown?


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