Dem Chair Doesn’t Mince Words About Warren

A Democrat power broker in Iowa, a key state in primaries, had some harsh words for Elizabeth Warren. The Free Beacon reports:

A Democratic Iowa county chair called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) “very shrill” in a new report as the presidential hopeful descends on the critical caucus state for the weekend.

Jim Eliason, the chair of the Buena Vista County Democrats in northwestern Iowa, told U.S. News and World Report that her tone on President Donald Trump and in general was “very shrill,” a term often decried as sexist against outspoken female candidates.

“She’s very shrill. I think that’s going to put some people off. But I think that, you know, she says a lot of things that need to be said,” Eliason said. “The tone she’s been talking about Trump is very shrill. I think that kind of rhetoric needs to be used very, very sparingly.”

“If I were Elizabeth Warren I would be thinking about, how can I speak to rural voters in the Midwest in Trump country? Every Democratic candidate for president has got to tell themselves Iowa is winnable, but we can’t do it the way Clinton did it.”

Eliason will no doubt be bombarded with accusations of sexism, but he speaks the truth when it comes to her likability in the Midwest, regardless of his word choice.


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