What Will the Wall Look Like?

The question about “the wall” is at the center of the government shutdown. Immigration experts actually agree that there would be more than one type of “wall”. The Daily Caller reports:

Border Patrol agents know exactly what they want in a border wall, and every mile varies.

Immigration experts tell The Daily Caller that President Donald Trump’s vision for a border barrier is informed directly by the requests of Border Patrol agents.

Trump tweeted one day before the partial government shutdown that he was looking into building a “steel slat barrier” that is “totally effective.” The tweet sparked endless media stories and mockery about how Trump was backing down on his campaign promise of a concrete border wall.

“Whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same,” Trump also said, seemingly softening his stance on the “wall” amid efforts to make a deal with Democrats.

Flexibility is key in securing the Southern border – different types of walls would best work on different sections of the border. The key is to make sure that no sections are left without securing.


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